Are you struggling with work/life balance? Are things in your personal life affecting your professional performance?  Are you dealing with anxiety, grief, depression, or anger?

Now would be a great time to consider a personal coach. 

As a Personal Coach, I work with clients on many of life's changes.  

If you are searching to:

  • grow personally/professionally

  •  improve your relationships 

  • set better goals

  • make better decisions

  • utilize your natural talents 

  I facilitate your journey to help you live a happier and more productive life.   


"Change doesn't happen in the middle.  It only happens when we venture over to the edge and take one small step after another."

Karen Sheridan

Grief is a funny thing, in an awkward non-amusing way. It is a unique experience with many different facets. Grief has no specific time for when it begins or ends and is a personal experience.
Kaye Bahr
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