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 Hi, I'm Kaye

    My career as a clinical hypnotherapist and personal coach began after a downturn in my previous career.  During that time, I was experiencing stress, anxiety, anger, depression, guilt, and grief.  I was seeking relief from the hole I found myself in.  After researching alternative approaches to counseling, I found a life coach and hypnotherapist.

After my first session, I felt amazing and more in control of myself than I had for a long time.

   Working with my life coach and hypnotherapist allowed me to envision a new path for my life that was full of possibilities that I didn't know existed. I learned that I already had the answers to my questions inside of me, I was already on the path to my future, and I was the light along the way.  I just had to get out of my own way to see and hear it.

   I found my path and passion after that first coaching and hypnotherapy session.  I left her office that day with a feeling of calm and peace.  At that moment I realized I wanted to be able to help others as I had been helped.


   Since then, my journey has led me to guide others in their self-discovery to become the best versions of themselves that they can be.


  • BA Degree Psychology-Ottawa University Phoenix, AZ

  • Post Baccalaureate in Elementary Education-Ottawa University Phoenix, AZ

  • Arizona State Certified Elementary School Teacher Retired

  • Diploma Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner-Southwest Institute of Healing Arts​, Tempe, AZ

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Certificate Personal Coach

  • Certificate Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping Practitioner

  • Certificate Reiki Master Teacher

  •  Certificate Clinical Aromatherapist

  • Havening Practitioner


"Gratitude is one of the most powerful human emotions. Once expressed, it changes attitudes, brightens outlook, and broadens our perspective."                      -Germany Kent



Clinical Hypnotherapy

 Personal Coaching

Relationship Coaching


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping


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