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Spirit Guides

December 2, 2016

Reiki and Guides Review by Kaye Bahr, Owner of Aspect Wellness

Someone recently asked me what my expectations were for signing up for a Reiki and Guides class that was offered in October of this year at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. After a bit of thought, my first response was I didn’t have any expectations. The reality of the situation was, I took the class because I needed more hours to graduate. When I signed up for the Mind Body Wellness Program my goal was to graduate on the time table that I had set for myself a year before, and this class would help me do just that.

The Reiki part of the class I had some familiarity with because, I had experienced this energy healing modality from a class that I had already taken. When I walked out of the Reiki 1 class, I had loved what I had already experienced and was eager to learn more. The spirit guide’s part of the class held more intrigue for me because of my limited knowledge on the subject.

The part of the class that had really fascinated me was what and or who is considered a Spirit Guide. I learned Spirit Guides are considered to be conscious beings of light or souls, who have previously lived as a human and after passing evolved into a higher level of energy. Spirit Guides assist people living an earthly life in many ways. These guides provide protection, guidance, messages, intervention and intercessions. Archangel Michael or Gabriel may be more familiar to the general public than other archangels. Michael’s name means “He who is like God”. Michael was placed in charge of nature and protection by God, and is also known as the protector of policemen. Gabriel is known as the archangel who appeared to Mary and pronounced that she would give birth to the Son of God. Gabriel stands in the presence of God and is one of the highest-ranking archangels.

I was familiar with the term guardian angels and did know that we all have at least two guardians with us at all times. Before my studies at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, SWIHA as it is lovingly referred to, my belief was they were just always there helping and guiding us. What I didn’t know was that for them to intercede on our part they have to be asked. There are angels everywhere just waiting to be of assistance if we just ask them. So, I learned to invite them into my space when seeking information, help and/or guidance. I also learned that it is important to show gratitude and reverence by thanking them when your conversation has ended.

I was also very curious about the discussion on Elementals. I had never heard of them before and was eager to gain a better understanding of who they were and what they did. The belief in Elementals actually goes back to before religion came into being. “Natures Angels” as they have been known may include Fairies, Elves, Devas, Brownies, Leprechauns, Gnomes, and Spirits, as well as many others. It is believed that the Elementals are governed by the Archangels. They have no defined shape, however if they choose to appear, they will show themselves in forms that are recognizable and comfortable to the seer or by the element they represent. A fire elemental, for example, may appear as a face in a candle flame. A water elemental may present itself as a cold/moist spot in a space. An air elemental may present as a sudden breeze, and an earth elemental can be a smell, taste or small rock in your shoe. All signs that something is happening around us, and many times we may not even be aware of them.

By the time the class was over I had gained knowledge and a better understanding of Spirit Guides; who they are, what their job is, in some ways how to identify them. One very important element or precaution that came up in the class was about the “dark side” if you will. Spirits that are NOT of the light, such as Demons, Satan, Evil Spirits, Evil Spells and other dark energies. These entities are not to be played with haphazardly. If you choose to engage with them always protect yourself.

It is always recommended to be wise when calling on Spirit Guides making sure that you are only calling on those guides that are of the light. Jesus, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gods, and Goddesses, the Holy Spirit, Saints, Totem Spirits, Our higher self and even Inter-dimensional Beings can all offer guidance and protection. The real question is what do you believe for yourself? Who or What do you believe is helping, guiding, protecting or interceding for you on your life journey? These Spirit Guides, with their talents and their gifts are as varied as we are. It is up to each of us to listen and learn how they are showing up to assist us in our daily lives.


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