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SWIHA Blog Kaye Bahr: Learning to Let Go of Attachment through Mind Body Wellness

Kaye Bahr spent 15 years teaching in the Arizona public school system. As an elementary school teacher teaching third to sixth grade, Kaye loved the daily interaction with her students and watching them grow and change throughout the school year. However, like most teachers, Kaye found that there was very little time left for her family or for herself. After experiencing some changes in her career, she began to develop depression and digestive disorders.

When she reached the point that she could no longer stand the situation and her suffering health, she went in search of a counselor. In that search, she found a Mind Body Wellness Practitioner. When she made the call to set up an appointment, Kaye heard the words that she so needed to hear that day: “You will feel so much better when you leave my office.” After her first session, she did feel so much better; the fog began to clear and her physical and emotional self found relief. “When I left her office that day, the experience changed my life,” says Kaye. “It took another few years for me to leave teaching, yet I knew in my soul that I had found my life’s work. I wanted to provide that same healing experience for others.” With this in mind, Kaye sought out SWIHA, enrolling in the Mind Body Wellness Practitioner Diploma program with an emphasis in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching. She graduated in November 2016— the start of a whole new life on a path that she felt she was destined to take.

Kaye loved teaching, yet in SWIHA, she found resonance. In the Mind Body Wellness Program, Kaye’s first love became hypnotherapy. “I was hooked with the very first class I took. I loved seeing the transformation and the healing that this modality brought to clients. I also loved that healing can take place without having to relive all your past hurts, dramas, traumas, and tragedies. Blocks and barriers can be released, and it isn’t necessary to know what they are. You get to reap the benefits by changing your subconscious mind. I love being the vessel in which healing comes through for clients. I love to see the light in their eyes when they have made the connection that all of the answers they seek are already within themselves.”

Often, the first time you go through a class you may be processing your own healing journey. Things can get pretty emotional as you yourself do the work that you will eventually be asking your future clients to do. Kaye explains the true meaning and power of the audit system SWIHA has in place that allows students to retake classes that they have previously finished: “It takes going through the classes to understand the full impact of what an instructor means when they say the first time you take these classes, it is for you; the second time, it is for your clients. All of my life, I had always been what I refer to as ‘tightly wrapped,’ especially during the years that I was a stay-at-home mom. By going through the program and finally dealing with my own ‘demon,’ I was able to release and heal a lot of what was holding me back from my own life. I feel freer today than I have ever been, and I am able to have FUN and enjoy myself and my life for the first time in a long time.”

One of the greatest lessons that Kaye learned while at SWIHA is that you don’t always “need to know” everything and that it is healthy to release attachment to outcomes. Life Coaching instructor Richard Seaman brought this awareness to her with a simple statement that had a profound impact on her. On the first night of the 80-hour Life Coaching class, he asked her a simple question: “How did you like the first 20-hour class?” Her response was, “I didn’t know what to expect at first, yet I liked it.” The next day in class, Richard made the comment that he already knew things about some of the people in the class, including: “I know Kaye ‘needs to know.’”